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Who’s The Batman and Robin In Your RTO?

Toby Ziegler            He calls you and me the Batman and Robin of speechwriting.

Sam Seaborn          Well, I don’t think he does.

Toby Ziegler            He doesn’t, but he should ‘cause that’s what we are.

(The Fall’s Gonna Kill You)

People Lesson

So who’s the Batman and Robin in your RTO?

Who leads the RTO (Batman) in

  • Marketing
  • Delivering training and assessment
  • Developing training assessment materials
  • Student Support
  • Compliance
  • Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Development of simple procedures

And who are the Robins who play key support roles?

Because Batman can’t be Batman and do everything he does without Robin.

Toby can’t write the President’s key speeches without Sam because they each have different ideas and abilities which then blend together to be an amazing strength – aka the Dynamic Duo.

And the result of this Dynamic Duo are unbelievably powerful speeches, particularly the Inauguration and State of the Union which are the hardest speeches to write.

So what’s the thing your RTO team is great at and have you then given them the tools and support needed so they can go and do that every single day?

Otherwise you are selling them and your RTO short.

What’s Next?

CJ Cregg

We have, at our disposal, a captive audience of schoolchildren.  Some of them don’t go to the blackboard and raise their hand ‘cause they think they’re going to be wrong.

I think you should say to these kids, you think you get it wrong sometimes, you should come here and see how the big boys do it.

I think you should tell them that you haven’t given up hope, and that it may turn up, but in the meantime, you want NASA to put its best people in the room, and you want them to start building Galileo VI.

Some of them will laugh, and most of them won’t care, but for some, they might honestly see that it’s about going to the blackboard and raising your hand.

And that’s the broader theme.


This quote is part of a discussion between President Bartlet and his staff about whether he should continue a Q and A address to thousands of elementary students after they lost the signal to the NASA space probe (Galileo V) as it prepares to descend to Mars.

I always believe questions give information and they are such a powerful tool; and yet too often, people communicate from an Assumption base rather than Facts and Context.

And as we know, when we ASSUME, they make an ASS out of U and ME.

So how are questions viewed at your RTO?

  • Welcomed because that gives us an opportunity to delve into Why… Why do we do that, is that the best way to do that etc?
  • Reprimanded as silly, stupid, ridiculous, you should know that etc
  • Told it’s okay, but body language (folded arms in frustration, rolling of eyes etc) tell a very different story.

And what’s the broader theme at your RTO?  What’s your mission and are you on track?

And here’s my final thought:

Josh Lyman        It’s what I do now: I’m a professional hostile witness

(Lord John Marbury)

So are you, and the members of your team, being professional hostile witnesses to the notion of VET, to your students, and to each other; or instead, are you embracing the givens by working within RTO land (compliance and change) and bringing fun, enthusiasm and creativity (which in turn bring productivity and profitability) into everything you do?

President Bartlett always uses the phrase, ‘What’s Next’ to tell his staff he has got the point and was ready to move on and take action.

So what’s next for your RTO?

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