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What’s Your Source?

Mackensie McHale          

We’re not going based on tweets from witnesses we can’t talk to. What credible news agency would do that?

How often have you reacted to a few pieces of feedback (from either students or your team) without taking a breath to determine the credibility of the information as well as the source?

Now I’m not implying by this question that people are lying or providing you with half truths, but too often these days, we are reacting to EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY instead of analysing it with at least some perspective and objectivity, to then decide how we should react and what to do next.

Take a look at most posts on social media which surely supports this notion.

And this is why I love The Newsroom and this quote from Mackensie.

Why? Because they stood up and said, we will not compromise our integrity and we will be sure of our facts, confirmed from multiple credible sources (not random tweets) before we broadcast anything.  And when the anything for The Newsroom team included both the election results and the Boston marathon bombing, these are certainly events which should be triple checked before people are advised.

In comparison then, what’s the anything for your RTO?

So what ‘tweets’, either the real ones on social media or within your office (ie emails, conversations) are you reacting to instead of spending at least a few moments to ponder the source, the context and the hidden truth – which may end up being, ‘Gee they have a point.’

Summary Lessons

Will McAvoy            Yeah, I get that there are moments, small moments, infrequent moments, where I’m not the easiest guy to work with, but who the hell is?

Don’t you just the simplicity and bare truth in Will’s statement?  Because you know what, this is true for you, for me, for everyone.  Where it gets tricky is if your moments or your team’s moments are actually in fact, often or always, rather than just sometimes.

So is there anyone in your team who needs to be talked to about their ‘moments’?

Will    They’re very young out there.

Mac    I know.  But what they lack in experience, they make up for in inexperience.

Will    Mac

Mac    It’s an asset.  They don’t know how to do the news badly yet.

Will    Or really at all.

What an awesomely positive way to view new/young people in your RTO. 

So I encourage you to embrace their asset and support them with documenting how to do their role well, rather than leaving them to their own devices which may result in them doing it badly.

And no-one wants to be part of that RTO.

What’s Next?

Here’s my final tip:

Neal Sampat           A truth that matters can’t stay hidden.

Throughout all my Newsroom blogs, I have maintained a theme of bringing to light the ‘truths’ in your RTO which need to be addressed once and for all.

Therefore Neal’s message is the succinct finality to this last blog about The Newsroom.

I just hope you are committed to uncovering hidden truths… about yourself, your team, your students and your RTO…. because that is how you and your business truly grow.

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