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Stick or Carrot: What’s Your Modus Operandi?

Think about the first time you learnt a new skill, be it at work or a hobby?

Was the person teaching you patient, understanding and encouraging as they provided helpful advice in how you could slowly correct your mistakes?


Did they point out all the little things you did wrong rather than the little things you did right?

Now think about how the person made you feel?

So which behaviour are you modelling as you lead your RTO?

Systems Lesson

Part 4            Principle 8               Use encouragement.  Make the fault seem easy to correct.

I’m sure you know encouragement is better medicine than criticism.

And yet, when I’m working with the staff of an RTO, they usually tell me their Manager is quick to blame and criticise rather than praise.

Unfortunately, this Principle often gets forgotten when developing and implementing new systems into an RTO.  And that’s because people focus on their frustrations because tasks are taking longer to complete (which of course will happen when you’re learning something new).

And without the necessary documentation (systems) to support the implementation process, of course mistakes will continue to occur.

What’s Next?

Review your systems implementation process to see if you’ve provided your team with the documentation and positive encouragement needed for successful implementation.

Or instead, have you focused on blame and mind reading skills because even those with great memories will forget steps.

And here’s my final tip:

Bring more praise, patience, understanding and documentation into your systems implementation, and you’ll find your team are much more willing to embrace change.

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