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Tamara Simon is an accomplished speaker and trainer who provides audience members with simple solutions in her tough love but fun manner.  She has spoken at business and VET conferences including being voted by delegates as one of the Top 5 Presenters at Velg Training’s National VET Conference.

Tamara can be engaged as a Keynote, Workshop or Webinar Presenter for your next Conference or as part of your RTO’s inhouse PD program.


30 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes


½ day or 1 day


1 hour, 90 minutes, 3 x 2 hour sessions

Tamara Simon –  What a Presenter!

The way she had everyone’s attention for the whole presentation was outstanding.

Tamara’s experience and knowledge is extensive and her passion for the training industry is evident.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tamara for our next presentation/conference.

Paul Baxter


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Speaking Topics: Managing Your RTO

Tamara speaks on how to get CLEAR on your Business, People and Systems and the CHANGE needed to increase the Productivity, Performance and Profitability of your RTO.

BUSINESS: The Five Little RTO Pigs - Which one are you?


Helping Registered Training Organisations build simple, profitable and compliant businesses


  • What’s your RTO made of: Straw, Stick, Brick or something else?
  • What are your Wolves (and it’s not who you think)?
  • 5 Steps to getting CLEAR on your Business, People and Systems (BPS) Roadmap
  • Tips to take your RTO from straw to stick and beyond
BUSINESS: The 1 Page Business Plan - Have you got yours?


How a 1 Page Annual Business Plan keeps you focused on what’s important


  • Why most Business Plans don’t get written (or achieved)
  • The Power of Simplicity and Focus
  • How to write a 1 Page Annual Business Plan to gain more clients, meet your financial targets and understand your processes
BUSINESS: To Grow or Not to Grow - That is the Question!


Growing your RTO business should be a planned strategy rather than it happening by default or ‘good luck’


  • 7 decisions to consider before growing your RTO
  • When is the best time to grow
  • Why growing is not always the best strategy
  • What simple systems you need to profitably grow your RTO
  • How to manage your RTO whilst growing rapidly
PEOPLE: Are you the Reluctant RTO CEO/RTO Manager?


Are you truly embracing your Title?


  • 7 signs of a Reluctant RTO CEO/RTO Manager
  • Why putting your head in the sand is not the solution
  • Strategies to help you embrace your position title and shift you back into gear
PEOPLE: Think staff are your biggest problem? Think Again!


W Edwards Deming tells us 95% of all failure is a result of the system, not the people.  So why does the rhetoric not match the facts?


  • Whether your People are a Help or Hinderance?
  • Top 5 reasons why staff are frustrated with management
  • 7 mistakes when building your team and how to avoid them
  • 1 key question you must be brave enough to ask your team
  • 3 practical and simple strategies to help you and your team get back on track
SYSTEMS: Shh… Don’t Mention the ‘S’ word


How to build simple systems for business success


  • What is a system?
  • Why systems are essential for business success (really)
  • 7 mistakes when building systems
  • How to get back an hour a day
  • Tips to building simple systems that are easy to follow and maintain
SYSTEMS: Systems = Change so are you ready?


Change is inevitable so why do so many people find it difficult to accept, embrace and implement change?


  • Why most RTOs waste time and money by re-inventing the wheel
  • 7 systems mistakes when building, managing and growing your RTO
  • Tips on how to implement real change in your RTO

Thank you so much again Tamara for your  encouragement, inspiration and your time.

Your session was by far the best one I attended across the 2 days.

Kristy Collenette -Jarrett

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch)

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