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Are you a knowledgeable RTO CEO or RTO Manager offering great training and assessment but ….

finding it difficult to manage the workload, attract students or grow your profits?

Are you also…


Frustrated with VET PD being solely focused on compliance?


Wish there was PD to actually help you run your RTO including business planning and managing staff?


Looking for PD to help you grow your RTO?

If your answer is YES
Then the RTO GROW Webinar Program could be just what you need….

Whether you’ve only recently become an RTO CEO or RTO Manager,or you’ve been running the RTO for some time, you likely have come to realise an uncomfortable truth.

That being KNOWLEDGEABLE and running a COMPLIANT RTO simply isn’t enough.

The fact is you can probably think of RTOs in your industry sector right now who, despite being less knowledgeable than you, are making more money!


If you want to EARN MORE MONEY, lots more, then you need to know how to do ONE THING better than your competitors.


In other words, you MUST switch your focus from being all about COMPLIANCE to being all about your CLIENTS (aka Students).

How would you like it if one of the most successful RTO Business Specialists in the country ACTIVELY HELPED YOU build the essential systems you need to build a simple, profitable and compliant RTO?

Well that’s exactly what the RTO GROW 12 WEEK WEBINAR PROGRAM offers you….

RTO GROW is a REVOLUTIONARY RTO Business Program which offers any RTO CEO or RTO Manager the chance to accelerate their RTO in just 90 days.

Join Tamara Simon, Australia‘s Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach and Simple Solutions Specialist as she shows you a NEW APPROACH to building a simple, profitable RTO business.

RTO GROW provides you with a unique opportunity to put one of the most successful RTO Business Specialists IN YOUR CORNER!

RTO GROW will help you implement the essential business systems which will:

  • Save valuable staff time by streamlining business systems
  • Help you to quickly increase student enrolments
  • Improve your student retention rates
  • Unlock hidden financial opportunities in your RTO
  • Dramatically improve staff productivity
  • Boost the overall profitability of your RTO

And if anyone knows what it is like running an RTO,
and has grappled with the same problems you are dealing with, it is Tamara!

The author of The Five Little RTO Pigs – the first business book for RTOs, a captivating and straight talker speaker with over 20 years in the VET Sector, Tamara is one of the most sought-after RTO Specialists in the country.  Her innovative and practical ideas have assisted her clients skyrocket their RTO.

The RTO GROW Program was excellent value and remains a great onoing resource.  It was easily one of the best management decisions I have made as a CEO. 

I would highly recommend the program as a MUST for anyone running an RTO.

Sharyn Bellingham


How it works..

The RTO GROW Webinar Program offers anyone running (or aspiring to run) a practical approach to the creation of key systems which every RTO needs.

As a member of RTO GROW, you will participate in a carefully crafted webinar online program, consisting of 12 HOW TO Webinars to help you manage your Time, Business, People and Systems; monthly Q and A coaching webinars and access to a closed Facebook Group.

Delivered over 12 weeks, RTO GROW provides the information, over 30 time saving templates and guidance needed in carefully crafted ‘bite size’ chunks which can be built into even the busiest RTO CEO/RTO Manager’s week.

By investing ONE HOUR per week and then implementing the strategies discussed, you will be on the fast track to building a simple profitable RTO business.

The program will help you REFOCUS, RE-ENERGISE and REBUILD your RTO by developing the four business fundamentals:

1. Time Management

2. Business Strategy

3. People Performance

4. Systems Simplification

As the webinars are recorded, you can join the program anytime.  If you want to power through, then the program can be completed in 12 weeks (90 days) OR this can be your 12 month professional development strategy in which you complete 1 webinar and the actions each month; OR anything in between.


The Ultimate Guarantee!

You take on the program, participate in every webinar, download all the templates and put all of this to work in your RTO, and if you’re not convinced the program is worth every cent, simply contact me for a full refund.  You will not be made to jump through any hoops and you can even keep the bonuses which came with the program.  This an absolute, no questions asked, promise of absolute satisfaction or your money back.

So that makes this offer an absolute NO BRAINER! So what are you waiting for?  REGISTER NOW!

The RTO GROW Webinar Program includes ...

12 RTO GROW Webinars to help you Refocus, Re-Energise and Rebuild you and your RTO


Webinar 1:  Plan and Prioritise shows you how to reclaim control and start working on the most important things you need to tackle, not just the most urgent.

Webinar 2:  Design and Delegate reveals how you can design tasks and delegate them to a team member in a structured way which will dramatically increase their chances of success and deliver the desired result the first time.

Webinar 3:  Execute and Evaluate explores how you can create your hour of power each day to drive the performance of your team and maximise the value of your rime on the business.


Webinar 4:  Personal Leadership explores what sort of leader you want to be and will help you to develop the mindset, focus and energy you need to lead a successful team.

Webinar 5:  Profitable Purpose shows you why clarity about your RTO’s purpose, ideal client/student and the numbers are critical for financial viability and long term success.

Webinar 6:  Powerful Partnerships shows you how to build the critical relationships with key alliances to dramatically increase student numbers and drive enrolments.


Webinar 7:  Hiring for Success looks at the common mistakes when building a team and what needs to change (from you and them) so you can create the team you need to build a simple, profitable RTO.

Webinar 8:  Leading Teams helps you understand the true capacity and capability of your team so you can set realistic goals and expectations, whilst maintaining a balanced workload (for them and you).

Webinar 9:  Unlock the Potential shows you how to bring the fun back into your RTO AND build a happy and high performing culture of people who do great work and love their job (and their RTO).


Webinar 10:  Systems Framework shows you why systems are essential for your success, and gives you the tools to build a simple systems framework (whilst avoiding the common mistakes).

Webinar 11:  Systems Innovation helps you download the knowledge of your RTO’s operations into simple step by step procedures so it doesn’t walk out the door.

Webinar 12:  Systems Streamlining show you how to create a seamless flow between all of your systems, allowing you the opportunity to more effectively engage your students and your staff (all whilst maintaining your compliance requirements).

Weekly Actions

At the end of each webinar, you will be provided with the relevant templates and an action plan outlining the 3 key things you need to do each week to help you REFOCUS, RE-ENERGISE and REBUILD your RTO.

One on one coaching session

At the end of the 12 webinars, you will have a private 1 hour Coaching Session (via Zoom or phone) with Tamara to answer any questions specific to your RTO and help you set your focus for the next 90 days.





Access to an RTO Community via a Closed Facebook Group where you can ask me (and the community) any burning questions.


Access to 12 Monthly RTO Q and A Webinars which is 12 months of coaching support, beyond when you complete the 12 weeks of webinars.

Your Investment for RTO GROW until 16 December 2019

For a program of this detail and value, you could expect to pay upwards of $2K.   But the good news is, you can register today for a fraction of that price,

Why am I offering this program at such a reduced rate? 

Because I know there are so many competing demands for professional development for RTO staff, and I want to help as many RTO CEOs and RTO Managers as I can run simple, profitable and compliant businesses they and their team actually love.

Your Investment       $497 until 16 December 2019 OR 3 Payments of $180/month (Total Investment $540)


Yes please, I want RTO GROW at this special price!


A Personal Note from Tamara

I wanted to let you know why I created the RTO GROW Webinar Program.  

I designed RTO GROW to give RTO CEOs and RTO Managers like you an affordable and convenient way to create simple systems to TRANSFORM your RTO business,

The truth is SYSTEMS are the lifeblood of any RTO business. 

If you can’t attract a consistent stream of the right students to your door, you are in trouble. RTO GROW isn’t about offering your theory about managing your Time, Business, People and Systems. 

It’s about helping you build the practical tools you need to run a simple, profitable (and compliant) RTO business.

The fact is I was tired of watching really good people (RTO CEOs and RTO Managers) who embraced compliance and offered quality training and assessment to their students but were ready to throw the towel in and GIVE UP, simply because they couldn’t STOP being reactive to anything and everything in their RTO business.

RTO GROW is a revolutionary program which offers you a unique opportunity to receive the expert guidance and assistance you need to improve your RTO, right from the comfort of your home or office. I really hope you will take up this opportunity to join me and let me help you turn the Nightmare RTO into the DREAM RTO business.

Wishing you a simple, profitable RTO business you actually love


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