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Reset Yourself and Your RTO – Part 2

In last week’s Blog, I looked at The Journey video series which showed how the Carlton Football Club was resetting their Club in 2016 with the appointment of new senior coach, Brendan Bolton.

Now I give you Part 2 to see how far the Club progressed.

Insights for RTOs

Pre-season was over and the Carlton Football Club started the 2016 AFL Season not with a win but certainly a spring in their step. 

As a lover of football who can see past her own team to acknowledge the success and good play of other teams, I know I would have been very excited if I was a Carlton supporter. 

You could see the difference in the players – they had a spring in their step and positivity they hadn’t had for years. 

Did they make mistakes? Of course but we know success is a marathon, not a sprint. 

And yet success they had – more than any commentator would have thought because by June 2016, Carlton had 6 wins – a stat no one would have predicted based on what we saw from their performances in 2015.

So here now is Part 2 of this story which looked at how the pre-season and new foundations actually translated on to the field on game day.

The Journey Episode 2 – Inside the Reset of a Football Club


Key messages/phrases from Brendan Bolton

  • Look after him
  • When it’s game day, you’ve got to get the job done
  • Keep your bubbly personality at training, then switch on at game day
  • Give yourself a clear head
  • Show the world that’s who we are – that we stand for something
  • Effort for longer

What’s Next?

Translation for anyone running (or aspiring to run) an RTO

  • Are you looking after you and your team?
  • Are you rewarding attitude and effort?
  • Are you bringing some fun into your RTO?
  • Does the world know who you are and what you stand for? Do you?
  • Are you clear in the direction you wish to take your RTO?
  • Are you digging in to get the work and priorities done?
  • Where will your team, your clients, your students, your industry say you were a leader in…?
  • How resilient are you? How quickly do you bounce back from your RTO’s setbacks?

And here’s my final thought:

So have you watched the Episode 1 video yet? 

Will you watch the Episode 2 video? 

If the answer is No, then I’m wondering “Why is that?’ 

Because if you think you have all the answers and can’t learn something about leadership, teamwork, strategy and business from an elite football coach; then you and your RTO could be falling into the complacency trap, possibly causing your RTO to further stagnate or even maybe decline.

If that’s not what you want, then please review the messages in the videos and my blogs to see how your RTO’s business journey is really travelling? 

What do you need to reset in yourself, in your RTO and in your team to build a simple profitable RTO business you (and everyone else) actually love?

2019 Update

Now you may be wondering why I’ve been sharing with you the Carlton Journey when, on the surface, it may appear to be a failure because on 3rd June 2019, Carlton sacked Brendan Bolton after only winning only 1 game from 14 matches.

Because I believe it’s important to understand that someone has to lay the initial foundations for success:

  • to make the hard calls to let people go
  • to work through the 2 steps forward, 5 steps backwards process which happens when implementing change and new systems
  • which also means they do the hard work and have to manage the stress and frustration which often goes with starting again.

Now sometimes, the person laying the foundations doesn’t always get to reap the benefits of this because the team needs someone else (a different voice) to take them over the wall – to the new and fun place where

  • everyone knows what to do and how to do it (clarity and systems)
  • members (aka students in the case of an RTO) and thus dollars keep coming through the door
  • continuous improvement (and by default compliance) occurs automatically because it’s built into the culture

And it’s with this context that I hope you’ve enjoyed these 2 blogs because I still believe the messages are still relevant.

So what will you adapt, adopt and apply for your RTO?

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