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It’s Time To Break The Process

Rod Macqueen      

We needed to change the mindsets of everyone and fast track the necessary skills to take us forward with modern rugby.  To do this, we had to take our vision directly to the source rather than via the traditional methods. 

Within one year, we could see evidence of these skills coming through.

It proved to me there is always a better way of doing things.

Sometimes you have to break out of the normal process totally to get a point across. 

In just a few months, we had introduced the Wallaby training program throughout the country by going to the grassroots of rugby.

So what systems do you have to break to change the mindset of those working in your RTO (which could also be yours?)

Systems Lesson

Rod Macqueen      

The more I got involved with the upper levels of rugby, the more it became obvious to me that the simple things were the most important.

In this case, winning the ball.  Quite simply, if you’ve got the ball, how the opposition win?

I tried then to take it a step further by developing drills that taught players skills on how to retain possession.

Like the 80-20 business principle I’d used with my business, I realised we were spending too much of our precious training time on what I regarded to be the 80 percent trivial part of the game.

We needed to develop our skills to win possession and more importantly retain it.

I’m always challenging my clients about how they are implementing Pareto’s 80/20 principle so it’s important to take the time to stop and see where you are actually focusing your time and energy.  Because busyness is not an acceptable excuse – especially if it’s not giving you the desired results,

  • Income
    –           is 80% of your effort resulting in 20% of your income or the reverse?
    –           is 80% of your income coming from funding (which could stop tomorrow) or fee for service?
    –           are 80% of students completing or the reverse?
    –           has 80% of time and effort been spent developing training and assessment material for 20% of student enrolments?
  • Procedures
    –            is 80% of the knowledge about how to run your RTO documented or still in people’s heads?
    –           are staff including you following documented procedures at least 80% of the time or not?

What’s Next?

So are you getting reward for effort which is resulting in an increase in the productivity, performance and profitability of your RTO business?

Or do you need to break the process to change these outcomes?

And here’s my final thought:

Staff crave simplicity and one of the most important things they want from their RTO CEO/ Manager/Owner is CLARITY.

Clarity about what they can and can’t do in their role, clarity in what they are supposed to be doing, and clarity about who does what in the RTO.

So here’s 3 simple things you can do to achieve clarity in your RTO:

  1. Stop giving people instructions on the run (verbally) without backing it up by writing it down.
  2. Develop a one page roles and responsibilities document which outlines people’s names and positions, dot points of their role and which position they report to.
  3. Spend at least 15 minutes a day documenting the knowledge in people’s heads about how your RTO operates.

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