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Is Your RTO Stranger or Stronger?

President Bartlet               We meant stronger here, right?

Sam Seaborn                      What does it say?

President Bartlet               I’m proud to report our country’s stranger than it was a year ago.

Sam Seaborn                     That’s a typo.

President Bartlet               Could go either way.

(He Shall, From Time To Time)

Systems Lesson

Isn’t it interesting how a one letter typo can change the whole context of the sentence?

Imagine if your training and assessment material, or your marketing information had such a typo?  What would this error mean for your students, or for your RTO’s brand, or even worse, your bottom line?

It’s the attention to detail (or lack thereof) which can either kill or build an RTO; and yet, in this age of needing instant responses and acting like the hare rather the tortoise, it’s the lack of attention to detail and subsequent errors which seem to be driving businesses.

So what’s your thinking and leadership around productivity, speed and accuracy within your RTO?

Are you compromising quality in the haste to get things done quickly?

What’s Next?

President Bartlet

I find these Cabinet meetings to be a fairly mind-numbing experience, but Leo assures me they are constitutionally required.


I love this quote because I’m sure, like me, you’ve spent many an hour in meetings where you leave going ‘what a waste of my time’.

Time is our most precious asset and yet, we often waste it in meetings we shouldn’t even be at, or don’t have a clear idea on the desired outcome.

I believe there are 3 types of purposes for meetings:

  1. Information
  2. Discussion
  3. Decisions

Now in the one meeting, these purposes may intertwine; but clarity of the purpose, desired outcomes and thus who should be in the meeting should be front of mind before a meeting appointment is set.

To change any mind-numbing meetings to ones which actually achieve results, please consider these questions:

  • How many meetings do you have every week?
  • What is their true purpose?
  • Do you have the right people at each meeting or is everyone invited so they don’t miss out?
  • Do you have an agenda?
  • Do you follow it?
  • Do you start and end meetings on time?
  • Are you recording key decisions and actions, or simply everything that’s said?
  • Are these actions followed up?

So what’s one thing you need to do to ensure every meeting, even if required, is not a mind-numbing experience?

And here’s my final thought:

Toby Ziegler (to Leo)

This is the fifth time you’re reading it.  Are there words you don’t understand?

(Night Fire)

Whilst Toby is actually being quite facetious to Leo, I’d like to take the quote in another direction. 

Too often, policy and procedures (systems) are written with so much fluff that they make little or no sense to someone reading them which results in them not being followed.

Systems have to save time, money and energy so when was the last time you reviewed your RTO’s policy and procedures to ensure they achieve this?

President Bartlett always uses the phrase, ‘What’s Next’ to tell his staff he has got the point and was ready to move on and take action.

So what’s next for your RTO?

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