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Is Your RTO Shaking The World?

To finish off this month, I have chosen some M.A.D. (Make A Difference) quotes which will hopefully inspire and ignite you and your RTO.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatma Ghandi

As always, I love the simplicity and beautiful message in this quote.

So what are the small and gentle increments your RTO is taking everyday to shake the world of your students?

M.A.D. Lesson

Do more than belong; participate.

Do more than care; help.

Do more than believe; practice.

Do more than be fair; be kind.

Do more than forgive; forget.

Do more than dream; work.

William Arthur Ward

What a wonderful motto or mantra to have in every workplace.

So does your RTO have something similar?

If not, then just embrace this one and job done 😊

What’s Next?

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.

Robert F Kennedy

The Kennedy family was always about being inspirational, and again, the simplicity and power in this quote from Bobby Kennedy can’t be mistaken.

I’m driven to ensuring that after every interaction with my RTO clients, they keep moving forward by taking action and implementing simple practical solutions.

So is this what’s also driving you?  How is your RTO contributing to making things better for your students?

And here’s my final thought:

Everybody is standing, but you must stand out.

Everybody is breaking grounds; but you must breakthrough!

Everybody is scratching it; but you must scratch it hard!

Everybody is going, but you must keep going extra miles!

Dare to be exceptionally excellent and why not?

Israelmore Ayivor

What extra miles are you willing to do, what grounds are you willing to breakthrough so your RTO can stand out?

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