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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

When you read Dale Carnegie’s book, I’m sure like me, your response to each principle will be , ‘Well of course that’s what I want to be doing.’

However, it’s easier said than done isn’t it, when your stress levels are at their peak and emotions are running high.

As I’m all about the 3s, I believe these 3 Key Principles are great reminders of how we should be leading and managing ourselves and our teams.

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Summary Lessons

Part 3             Principle 3               If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.

In my book, The Five Little RTO Pigs, I talk about DAREing to Lead, and two of the steps in this are Accountability and Responsibility.

So when was the last time you put up your hand and said, ‘Yep that was me – I own that mistake.’

As I’ve said to the netball girls I coached, ‘Mistakes happen.  It’s what you do next which matters.’

Part 4            Principle 4               Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

I always remind my clients of this key phrase:

            Questions give Information

So why instead do we choose to assume we know what’s happened?

Why and How are two of the best questions you can ask, but the other four (Who, What, When and Where) are also handy.

Part 4            Principle 7                Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to

Carnegie’s example to demonstrate this principle refers to how you treat a new dog.

            Give a dog a bad name and you may as well hang him.

            But give him a good name and see what happens.

 I can relate to this as the last step in DAREing to LEAD is EXAMPLE.

So what EXAMPLE are you showing your team and your students?


What’s Next?

Please read this book and embrace the 30 Principles as you build, manage and grow your RTO business.

And here’s my final tip:

If you’re not quite leading by example., then that’s OK because if you’re brave enough to admit that, then you’re already embracing a number of Carnegie’s Principles so congrats.

So what’s the 1 thing you need to change so you can step up into your leadership position?

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