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How Is Your RTO Changing The World?

President Bartlet               Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

(He Shall, From Time To Time)

I believe every single person should be a M.A.D. person ie someone who continually Makes A Difference in everything they do.

And it’s not only about helping those who need a helping hand in our community; but it’s about being M.A.D. in the workplace – helping team members, helping students, writing systems which M.A.D to ensure we continue to grow and improve – which in turn makes things fun, simpler, easier and more profitable.

Bartlet challenges us to realise, each one of us can change the world, in some small way, simply by embracing the mantra of being M.A.D. every single day, and enabling it to drive everything we do and say.

Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Lesson

Leo McGarry                      

The President was at the debate site walking the stage.  A podium is a holy place for him.  He makes it his own, like it’s an extension of his body. 

You ever see a pitcher work the mound so the dirt does exactly what his feet want it to do?

That’s the President.  He sees it as a genuine opportunity to change minds, also it’s his best way of contributing to the team.

(Bartlet For America)

So how well are you using your RTO’s podium – both internally and externally? 

Are you using it as an opportunity to truly change minds through enhancing knowledge, skills and abilities; or are you simply selling at your marketplace or whingeing to anyone who will listen?

What’s Next?

Admiral Percy Fitzwallace

The military wasn’t designed to be a unit of social change. 

Problem with that is, that’s what they were saying about me 50 years ago.  Blacks shouldn’t serve with whites.  It would disrupt the unit.

You know what?  It did disrupt the unit.

The unit got over it.

(Let Bartlet Be Bartlet)

Disruption is one of the current buzz words in the business world, and you would have to be naïve to think RTO Land will be immune from market disruption because we’re already seeing it.

People are making more informed choices about where they are investing their time and money.

And even if you believe your training product is the best available; if you’re not delivering the product in the medium/frequency they desire, AND if it’s not delivering bottom line outcomes which a business can see in the workplace and actually measure i.e increasing productivity and profitability, then I suggest you re-think your approach.

Because if your training and assessment is not delivering these outcomes, then what’s the point because it means your product is definitely not M.A.D.

And here’s my final thought:

Bruno Gianelli

I am tired of working for candidates who make me think I should be embarrassed to believe what I believe.

(Gone Quiet)

We are now in an era, driven by social media, which seems to say, ‘you must believe and agree with me, or else’.

So are you embarrassed to believe what you believe, or are you standing by those beliefs and communicating them succinctly to your team and your students – with an understanding the outcome may mean we professionally agree to disagree (and that’s OK).

President Bartlett always uses the phrase, ‘What’s Next’ to tell his staff he has got the point and was ready to move on and take action.

So what’s next for your RTO?

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