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Do You Trust Enough To Get Out Of The Way?

Gene Kranz

Although our technical backgrounds were different; we were both emotional about our work, perpetually optimistic and gave our people unconditional support.

So are you perpetually optimistic and giving your people (students, staff and stakeholders) unconditional support?

People Lesson

Gene Kranz

Apollo 13 succeeded at critical moments like this because the bosses had no hesitation about assigning critical tasks to one individual, trusting his judgment and then getting out of his way.

Too often, when running an RTO, we get in our own way because we think we know better or can do it quicker and easier ourselves.

But if we’re honest, we know deep down this thinking is flawed because

  • we cannot know everything or be good at everything which is why success only happens with the help of others; and
  • by not trusting and empowering others to do the work, if people are continually told No to every good idea they bring to you, they will eventually shut down and lose interest in helping improve the RTO.

This flawed thinking will then also result in a decrease in team morale and productivity, or worse still, you’ll lose those great employees, who were once inspired and motivated, because they have reached their ‘Had Enough’ tipping point.

But it’s hard, isn’t it, to truly get out of the way, and trust the work you used to do, to be done as it should be done.

There’s only one way to feel comfortable in letting go and that’s to document the simple steps (systems) needed to complete the tasks required.

And then, you can hand over the responsibility with confidence.

To ensure an even more empowering handover process, might I suggest your brief to the person is this:

I know I haven’t captured everything and I’m sure it can be simplified so if you could please help me with this, that would be great.

What’s Next?


We’ve got to find a way to make THIS fit into the hole for THIS…using nothing but THAT.

One of the most essential skills needed today in any RTO is problem solving… how to dig deep to find out what’s really going on and then solving that problem, as well as thinking outside the box.

So how are you encouraging problem solving and innovation within your RTO?

How much time are you dedicating each day, each week to brainstorming?

If the answer is none or very little, imagine if you had a 30 minute standing meeting with your team to kick around one problem.. maybe how to bring in more income, how to streamline the enrolment process, how to make the student handbook more user-friendly?

Why a standing meeting?  It keeps people on track and creates the sense of urgency to discover the next step.

And here’s my final thought:

Marilyn Lovell

Landing on the moon wasn’t dramatic enough for them (the media) – why should NOT landing on it be?

Are you placing your time and energy on the truly important issues within your RTO, or are you being caught up in unnecessary drama?

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