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Do You Need To Wake Up Your Business Attitude?

This month’s Blog takes inspiration from one of my favourite books: One Step Ahead: On the Field and In the Boardroom.

This is not the usual business book.  It’s actually the business and sporting insights from Rod Macqueen, ex Wallabies Rugby Union Coach. 

I’ve had this book for over 20 years and it’s always the one I come back to for inspiration and the simple yet ingenious ideas which I can implement into my business and my clients.

So even if you don’t like sport and/or rugby union, I would highly recommend giving it a read because the lessons for business and personal growth are phenomenal.

So please enjoy my weekly Blogs as I weave the Business, People and Systems insights which can be implemented into any RTO from the abundance of inspiring and relevant quotes from this sporting coach and business leader who was well ahead of his time..

Business Lesson

Paul Valery              The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

Rod Macqueen was the first coach to bring the principles of business and the boardroom into rugby, and thus truly elevated the sport from amateur to professionalism.

These business principles included the development of a player’s manual and diary on which was printed this quote to demonstrate Macqueen’s philosophy and embodied the culture and foundations (bricks) he wanted to create.


So the players could understand the attitudes and practices of the past had to be forgotten, and that in order to succeed, they had to open themselves up to a new way of thinking, a new approach so they could achieve the ultimate prize…the ultimate success – win the Rugby World Cup.

The player’s manual outlined the 3 stages (the Vision) and the detailed steps over the next 2 years to achieve this goal:

  • The Beginning
  • The Journey
  • The Destination

The Destination was obvious: Winning the Rugby World Cup

The Beginning detailed the initial training, sacrifices and direction needed to bring the Wallaby team to a standard high enough to take on the rest of the world.

The Journey was added to as the team achieved its goals throughout the season.

The system Rod used to engage the players was to develop a daily diary which opened with an inspirational quote or poem to slowly embed the philosophy needed to achieve World Cup victory. 

This diary not only provided information on management personnel, fitness advice, dietary information and a basic playing style; but why players or the team were doing particular drills, activities, fitness etc.  It also provided players with no excuse of not knowing where they should be or what they should be doing.

Too often, we provide the WHAT to ourselves, our team and our clients/students, but we forget to tell them the WHY. 

And this is the missing link because without the WHY, the PURPOSE, we can often struggle to see how the pieces of the puzzle (our role) fits into the big picture. 

And without this, we often can become disconnected and demotivated.

What’s Next?

So what’s the Beginning, Journey and Destination for your RTO?

Do you (and your team) have the business attitude needed to reach your destination?

What’s the one thing you need to do to Wake Up Your RTO to ensure you achieve your Destination (Success)?

And here’s my final thought:

Here’s the mission statement Rod Macqueen outlined for the Wallabies so they clearly knew what was expected:

  • Set ourselves the highest possible standards, never resting in our pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field.
  • At all times, be positive in our approach whilst constantly seeking new ideas and innovation.
  • Keep ahead of the game, making use of the best technologies and resources available to us.
  • Study and respect our opponents.

I think these are great lessons for anyone running or working in an RTO.

What do you think?

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