23 Sep 2020
Why trying to find time is the wrong strategy
16 Sep 2020
And they're not what you think
9 Sep 2020
Why doing everything is working against you
26 Aug 2020
7 Steps To Smash Them Out In Just 30 Mins A Day
18 Aug 2020
What the latest marketing campaigns from McDonald's are really saying
12 Aug 2020
I was all ready to write a different blog this week when an unexpected surprise changed everything! As we face many challenges at the moment, the power of positivity, connection and support is more important than ever. So let me share with you my expected surprise and why it matters.
6 Aug 2020
Following on from last week’s blog Less is More, I delve further into the power of nailing your niche. This has always been a challenge for me because not only do I love learning about new industries and businesses; but having previously taken a hit because I chose to niche, it has taken me a long time to re-embrace this concept which I know is beneficial for business success. So let me share with you one of my greatest business lessons, and boy did I learn the hard way!
29 Jul 2020
This week’s #blog takes inspiration from one of my favourite books: Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson which tells the rollercoaster story of Steve Jobs’ life. What is great about this book is although Steve Jobs consented to it being written, he asked for no control over what was written nor even the right to read it before it was published. Nothing was off-limits – imagine that! So enjoy the Business insights which can be implemented into any RTO from the abundance of inspiring and relevant quotes from this amazing innovator and entrepreneur.
22 Jul 2020
Whilst we are hoping and praying Australia does not go back into extensive lockdown, unfortunately there is a strong possibility based on Victoria already there, and NSW possibly trending that way too. Rather than an ‘I’ll deal with it IF and WHEN it happens’ mindset and approach, I believe it’s critical to review what happened in your RTO during Lockdown 1.0 so if the worst happens, everyone is much better prepared for the change and upheaval this would bring.
15 Jul 2020
Such is the catchprase for the many hats and roles we play in business and in life. And sometimes none more so than for the volunteer coach or someone running an RTO (Owner/CEO/Manager) who thinks they’re doing everything right, in the pursuit of the bigger goal, only to find out this may not be true.
27 May 2020
Are you viewing COVID-19 as the worst disaster or the finest hour which has happened in your RTO? Positive mindset and celebrate the little wins along the way.
20 May 2020
It's critical to spend time developing your systems to increase the productivity, performance and profitability of your RTO.
13 May 2020
Will you re-open for business post COVID-19 with a broken business model or a financially viable business?
6 May 2020
COVID-19 has provided us with many challenges, both personally and professionally; and yet, it is also providing us with many windows of opportunity, again both personally and professionally. To ensure we remain safe, the majority of us have changed our workplace from the office which we drove to every day to an office space which we can walk to in less than 10 seconds. And with this change, we are gaining many benefits including less time commuting and more time with our family, cooking meals and exercising. So when we’re allowed to re-open for business and return to our workplaces, will this mean everyone will automatically do this or will most people prefer to remain working from home?
29 Apr 2020
There are so many lessons and attributes in the show, Lego Masters, which should be embraced by everyone working in RTO Land. So here’s my Top 7 Bricks which must be in every RTO to maximise its profitability, productivity and performance.
11 Mar 2020
It always amazes me the amount of RTO Owners who call me in to help solve their ‘people’ problems which is code for: it’s them, not me. And yet, upon further discussion and investigation, it is clear the staffing issues are as a result of the lack of simple systems and the Owner being ‘too nice’. This is because instead of dealing with any issue as it arose, they either didn’t know how to manage it or didn’t want to; so they ignored it, in the hope it would resolve itself on its own or just disappear. Sound familiar? Then please read on to see why being a nice boss isn’t helping you, your staff or your business. Side issue: If you run the RTO on behalf of the Owner or report to a Board, then this blog is still worth a read – just please change the word ‘Owner’ with your title.
4 Mar 2020
I love the movie Top Gun and this is such a critical message in the movie. Not only because of the safety issues which could have ensued, but it shows the importance of everyone following the rules and being a great team member (and thus a leader). So why does Maverick break the rules? Simple: he thought he was above them and believed his judgement should have been enough. But of course, it’s not.
26 Feb 2020
2 articles, 3 events and a NEW Membership for RTO CEOs and Managers
19 Feb 2020
It always fascinates me when I ask CEOS, Managers or their staff about problems in their RTO because nine times out of ten, they tell me the problem which is great. But then when I ask, ‘why haven’t you talked to the person about it?’, the answer is, ‘Ohh I don’t like conflict’. To which I just shake my head. And as someone who has been bullied twice in the workplace (ironically by women), I could go on and on about this topic. But in this blog, I want to shine the light on one of the reasons I believe this is happening.
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