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Are you accepting consistent failure?

Billy Beane               Is losing fun? Is losing FUN?

Players                      No

Billy Beane               Then why are you having fun?

I’m wondering if you’re feeling like this sometimes as you run your RTO, doing 27000 things at once, wearing more hats than I can mention; and yet maybe your team is not following the procedures, systems, culture you have put in place.

Which might make you feel like you’re working 24/7 and yet constantly losing, just like Billy’s baseball team.

Now I certainly believe every RTO, every business, should be simple, profitable, fun and one everyone loves and wants to be part of; and yet, what I see is often the mirror opposite.

So let’s replace the word ‘losing’ with SYSTEMS because most people tell me systems are boring, annoying and definitely not fun. 

And yet without investing the time and money into developing them so they are easy to follow, and everyone believes in them and thus does follow them; the RTO business remain the loser.

Systems Lesson

Billy Beane

I pay you to get on first.  Not get thrown out on second.

This quote is exactly what you want your team to do:  follow the procedures and systems, maintain compliance so the whole RTO wins and remains a simple, profitable (and compliant) RTO business.

But the players (your team) can only play their role and follow the rules if you have documented and then trained them in what you want them to do.  And allowed them time to make mistakes as they practice the skill whilst becoming a competent person in their role in your RTO business.

However, if people have been involved in the change management process and trained in the new systems (ie taught the team strategy), then there’s only 2 reasons people don’t follow systems:

  1. They need more training – a problem you can solve
  2. They CHOOSE NOT to follow the systems – this is a performance management issue which needs to be immediately addressed. Otherwise, you are saying it’s ok to be consistently accepting failure.

So who in your RTO (and the answer could be you) is getting thrown out on second rather than doing their job and getting on first?

What’s Next?

If you’re not having FUN at your RTO, what systems do you need to develop or enforce so you are winning more than you are losing? 

And here’s my final tip:

Billy Beane

Managers tend to pick a strategy that is the least likely to fail, rather than to pick a strategy that is most efficient.  The pain of looking bad is worse than the gain of making the best move.

Sometimes the most efficient system takes the longest to develop but you’ll be surprised how much some short term pain but long term gain will reap substantial productivity, performance and profitability dividends.

So please be brave and make the best move.

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