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I've listened to those of you with 'Manager' in your RTO Job Title
who've been saying to me for years... 
Where's the PD for us?
There are plenty of organisations who can help you with the compliance aspect
of running your RTO which is great.
But there's nothing to help you juggle everything on your plate AND
give you the simple practical strategies to help you

Focus Your TIME, Manage Your TEAM
and Increase Your ENROLMENTS.
Until now..
Finally....Professional Development to Help You ....

 Focus Your TIME        Manage Your TEAM        

Increase Your ENROLMENTS

Register for my upcoming webinars
designed specifically for anyone with 'Manager' in their RTO Job Title
Register for my upcoming webinars
designed specifically for anyone with 'Manager' in their RTO Job Role
Join me in November for a replay of one of my most popular Skills Education sessions as part of the Greatest Hits Series: Mastering the Art of Smart Work over Hard Work
Is your day filled with business or busyness?
Gone are the days where you earn kudos for working long hours, taking your laptop on holidays and juggling so many things in a day you don't have time to eat.  Instead, it's the people who have found the secret to achieving at work whilst balancing home and family time, that tend to be the envy of the 'worker bees'.
There's nothing wrong with being busy but it has to be the right kind of busy so get the practical and simple strategies for success.
Mastering the Art of Smart Work over Hard Work

Tues 9 November 1.30pm AEST
What you'll discover
  • Why trying to find time doesn't work
  • How long it really takes to build a new habit or ritual
  • 9 practical tips to get back an hour a day
BONUS Resources
  • RTO Blueprint for $uccess
  • What's My Sweet Spot Handout

Investment Per Person

Special for Skills Education $33 as part of the Greatest Hits Sessions


Over $250 for a 60 minute webinar and resources

Join me in December for one of my most popular and practical webinars:
How To Write Your 2022 Business Plan... on 1 Page
Christmas is coming and before you wind down for the year, spare a thought for 2022.
For many overwhelmed RTO CEOs, Managers and Owners, the last thing on their mind is planning for next year.  Yet SmartCompany says that 50% of businesses fail due to poorly designed business models or no business plan.
So if a business plan is critical for success, why aren't they developed in every RTO?
Usually I'm told it's because of these 3 reasons:
1.  Too focused on compliance
2.  Don't know where to start
3.  Too busy
Well in just 90 minutes, you'll see how quickly and easily this job can not only be completed, but provide you and your team with Clarity about how to springboard into an even more successful 2022.
Feedback from past participants includes:
Thanks so much - that was wonderful
Thank you - great presentation and ideas!
Great work - thanks Tamara!
Templates easy to use - saved me so much time because I just added my RTO logo and completed it.
How To Write Your 2022 Business Plan...
on 1 Page

Thursday 2 December 10am - 11.30am
QLD Time

What you'll discover
  • Why most Business Plans don't get written (or achieved)
  • The Power of Simplicity and Focus
  • How to write a 1 Page Business Plan quickly and easily
  • 7 Steps to writing your 2022 Business Plan
  • HOW to complete each section of the 1 Page Business Plan Template
BONUS Resources
  • 2022 Business Plan Template (Calendar Year)
  • Monthly Priorities Template
  • Monthly Reporting Template
  • 7 Steps to Writing Your Annual Business Plan Infographic
  • RTO Blueprint for $uccess

Investment Per Person



Over $400 for a 90 minute webinar and timesaving resources

Want to know the 5 Strategies Essential to Growing Your RTO Business?
Yes! Give me the Blueprint for Success
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