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Take Another Look is the place for RTO Professional Development to help run your business which isn't about compliance
We all know keeping an RTO running requires
maintaining compliance BUT
We also know that GROWING an RTO (profitably) requires more........
The good news is that doesn't have to take more time and it doesn't have to take more staff.
Sustainable and profitable GROWTH takes more focus, more clarity, more delegation, more time saving strategies, more enrolments -

basically all the things we call PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT!
That growth starts at the top with the Owner, CEO and the Management Team:    Yes - it starts with YOU!
If you don't grow, the business can't grow - it's that simple!
I've been listening to RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers who've been saying:  Where's the Professional Development (PD) for us?
Well here it is -
Just for YOU - RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers!
I have personally developed and produced this program which encapsulates over 25 years of experience of running and working with RTOs, speaking to thousands of RTO Owners and Managers at events, and privately coaching RTO Owners, Managers and their teams.
This training program is NOT general and not theoretical.
It's been designed specifically for anyone running an RTO (or wanting to run one) and extremely practical.
The RTO GROW Program covers all the important elements you need to grow your RTO profitably, and much more easily than most Managers expect!
It's the Handbook and Toolkit I wish I had when I was running RTOs.

Tamara's RTO GROW Program is a MUST for all RTO Owners and Managers.  It was easily one of the best management  decisions I have made as a CEO.  The RTO GROW Program was excellent value and remains an ongoing resource.

Sharyn - Nepean Industry Edge Training

I understand first hand the challenges and frustrations RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers have to deal with ....
but I also understand the potential.

This is the ONLY comprehensive PD program designed to help you run the critical business side of an RTO.
Within this 12 Module Program, you will discover specifically
  • How to make your life easier
  • How to save yourself time
  • How to save money for the business
  • How to grow your enrolments
  • How to grow your staff and ultimately...
  • How to grow your RTO business more profitably
You can choose to complete the 12 modules in just 12 weeks - or you can take as long as you need (no expiry date!).
For the best results, most people complete the program between 3 - 12 months.
Thank you for providing PD to help us manage the RTO instead of just talking about compliance.

Tamara's RTO GROW Program not only reaffirmed for us that we were actually doing a lot right, but gave us simple strategies and templates to fill in the gaps or improve our business.

Shenoa - RAM Training Services

12 Modules
The Five Little RTO Pigs Book - the only business book written for RTOs
This program covers 4 key categories of business fundamentals so you can confidently...
  • Focus Your TIME
  • Build Your SYSTEMS
  • Manage Your PEOPLE
  • Grow Your BUSINESS
Run and then
Grow your RTO 

with less effort using the Strategies, Systems, Techniques and 30 Time Saving Templates
which are included in this comprehensive program.

See each module below for the outline and included resources.
Your Investment
$497 per person (was $997)
This is my gift to the sector because I want everyone (regardless of your role) to do this business program.

Over $3K
Complete at your own pace!
Your RTO GROW PROGRAM has helped me immensely and I'm feeling more confident and calmer –
and even my staff have noticed the change.

This has initially been through completing the time management modules and the business leadership one, and there's 8 more to go.

Carmel - Bowen Training Australia

If you want to save TIME so you can ...
  • Increase your ENROLMENTS
  • Lead with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE
  • Easily Manage Your TEAM
Then the comprehensive RTO GROW PROGRAM is for you!
Focus Your TIME Modules
Module 1
Plan and Prioritise

Shows you how to reclaim control and start working on the most important things you need to tackle, not just the most urgent.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Daily Diary Template
  • Example of Daily and Weekly Rituals
Module 2
Design and Delegate

Reveals how you can design tasks and delegate them to a team member in a structured way which will dramatically increase their chances of success and deliver the desired result the first time.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Delegations Instrument Template
  • Monday Morning Meeting/Friday Wrap Template
Module 3
Execute and Evaluate

Explores how you can create your hour of power each day to drive the performance of your team and maximise the value of your time on the business.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Weekly Timesheet Template

Tamara's RTO GROW Program is a great program - easy to understand and implement.

Thanks so much for the information about developing your ideal student profile. We targeted our marketing using this and it has increased our enrolments very easily.

Tony - Atkinson Child Care College

Grow Your BUSINESS Modules
Module 4
Personal Leadership

Explores what sort of leader you want to be and will help you develop the mindset, focus and energy you need to lead a successful team.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • DARE to Lead Checklist
Module 5
Profitable Purpose

Shows you why clarity about your RTO's purpose, ideal student/client and the numbers are critical for financial viability and long term success.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • 90 Day Business Intent Template
  • Ideal Student/Client Template
  • Targets and Rewards Template
  • Tracking WIP $Financial Spreadsheet
Module 6
Powerful Partnerships

Shows you how to build the critical relationships with key alliances to dramatically increase student numbers and drive enrolments.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Ideal Partners Template
  • Cash and Wealth Partnerships Templates
  • Partnership Checklist for RTOs and Working in Partnership Guide
As an RTO Administrator,I didn't fully realise what's involved in running the business side of an RTO.

Tamara's RTO GROW Program gave me the tools and understanding so I can be of even more assistance to my RTO Manager.

Yang - The Management Edge

Manage Your PEOPLE Modules
Module 7
Hiring for Success

Looks at the common mistakes when building a team, and what needs to change (from you and them) so you can create the team you need to run and grow a simple profitable RTO business.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Recruitment and Selection Flowchart Template
  • The Complete HR Checklist
  • Roles and Tasks within an RTO Template
Module 8
Leading Teams

Helps you understand the true capacity and capability of your team so you can set realistic goals and expectations, whilst maintaining a balanced workload (for you and for them).
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Annual PD Activities Templates for Admin, Training and Management Staff
  • Compliance Manager Induction Program Template
  • What's Your Sweet Spot? Template
Module 9
Unlock the Potential

Shows you how to bring the fun back into your RTO and build a happy and high performing culture of people who do great work and love their job (and the RTO).
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Performance and Training Plan Template
  • Business Capability Framework Template

I constantly return to Tamara's RTO GROW Program webinars and the information I gathered through the maze of working in an RTO.

I'm also completing my TAE and Diploma of Leadership and I find they are now all linking together.

Thank you for your webinars - they have become a source of help for our RTO and a wealth of information for myself.

Nikki - previously Cartec Training

Build Your SYSTEMS Modules
Module 10
Systems Framework

Shows you why systems are essential for your success, and gives you the tools to build a simple systems framework (whilst avoiding the common mistakes).
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • 7 Mistakes To Building Simple Systems Roadmap
  • RTO Organisational Chart Templates - by position and function
Module 11
Systems Innovation

Helps you download the knowledge of your RTO's operations into simple step by step procedures so it doesn't walk out the door.
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Prep and Post Training Checklist
  • Accounts and Meetings Checklists
  • Filing Structure and Overdue Accounts Email Templates
Module 12
Systems Streamlining

Shows you how to create a seamless flow between all of your systems, allowing you the opportunity to more effectively engage your students and your staff (all whilst maintaining your compliance responsibilities).
Resources include
  • Webinar and Workbook
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Cheat Sheet Template to align your policies and procedures to the Standards - 2 versions
  • Sample Table of Contents for Staff and Training Team Handbooks
Want to know the 5 Strategies Essential to Growing Your RTO Business?
Request a copy of the RTO $uccess Blueprint today to discover the
5 proven strategies that will put you back in CONTROL.
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