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So you've got a consultant to help you manage your compliance...
BUT who's your specialist to help you manage your RTO BUSINESS?
If the answer is No One, then consider joining the RTO Business Club
to get the PD and help you need from someone
who understands the pressures of running an RTO.
Rebecca - Power Safety Training
As the owner/operator of a small but busy RTO, I'm working with all of the hats on my head
(except the training one - I have some wonderful trainers who do that);
administration, marketing, compliance, HR, finance... jack of all trades, master of none.
With no other experienced RTO administrators in our business, I need someone that I can ask my questions as they arise, and that's where Tamara and the RTO Business Club come in.
There's always a tip that she has to share, and opportunity to have my questions answered
- either during the Monthly Members webinar or through email.
Need help running the business but your budget is tight?
Then the RTO Business Club is the right membership for YOU!
Finally.... get 'ON TAP' access to the STRATEGIES, SYSTEMS and SUPPORT
you need to run a simple profitable RTO business
from Tamara Simon - Australia's ONLY Dedicated RTO Business Coach.
Who should join the RTO Business Club? 
Everyone running an RTO... no matter what stage of business you're in


If you're new to running an RTO
 or the world of RTOs, it can be a confusing maze to try and navigate.

I can give you the
simple and practical solutions which actually work rather than spending your valuable time trying to figure this out on your own.


With so many other hats to wear besides compliance, it's common for RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers to find themselves working hard but not getting anywhere, resulting in feeling frustrated and burnt out.

I can quickly and easily show you how to get back on track by regaining control of your day, your team and your business.


You've built a solid profitable business but are now ready to take it to the next level.

I can show you the hidden opportunities in your business, people and systems so you can maximise your profitability, productivity and performance.

What's included in the membership?  Over $3K value including access to....
  • 30 Minute Bite Sized PD tips every month to help you focus your time, manage your team, build your systems and grow your business
  • 'On Tap' help to run your business from an RTO Business Specialist with over 25 years experience
  • Simple strategies which quickly and easily get you out of overwhelm and and back in control
  • Support from a
    like-minded (and private)
    Business Community
Wondering why you should join?  Here's what our members have to say.....
  • I'm TIRED of doing it alone and want support from someone who understands
  • I want regular and quick PD to help me run the business
  • I want to
    rundown and overwhelmed
  • I want to be part of a COMMUNITY who want to talk about more than compliance
Tamara - you're refreshing real.. in the language you use and ideas you provide
because you've been where we are and truly understand RTOs.

Chris Croker - Goldstar Childcare Training
Investment Per Person
Join anytime for $97/month and get over $3K value
Insert Label Here
Monthly Member Webinars including 30 minutes bite sized PD to help you run the business (value over $3K)
Can't make it live?
Send questions, documents to be reviewed etc anytime and listen to recording for answers (priceless)
Member Only Resources - which continues to grow (value over $500)
Monthly Business Tips - on the webinars and Monthly Newsletter (priceless)
Access 25 years experience from The RTO Business Specialist - webinars and closed Members area (priceless)
10% Member Discount for my webinars including the RTO GROW Program
NEW MEMBER BONUS The Five Little RTO Pigs - the only business book for RTOs
OR one of my recorded webinars if you have the book and don't want another one
Click the payment option box below to pay via credit card. 
Join anytime and if you're not happy, cancel anytime.
I'm still not sure this is right for me

Book a 15 minute chat with Tamara

Thank you for providing PD to help us manage the RTO instead of just talking about compliance.

Tamara's RTO GROW Program not only reaffirmed for us that we were actually doing a lot right, but gave us simple strategies and templates to fill in the gaps or improve our business.

As an RTO Administrator, I didn't fully realise what's involved in running the business side of an RTO.
Your RTO GROW webinar program gave me the tools and understanding so I can be of even more assistance to my RTO Manager.

I would highly recommend the RTO GROW program as a MUST for anyone running or owning an RTO.
The RTO GROW Program was excellent value and remains a great ongoing resource.

It was easily one of the best management decisions I have made as a CEO.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why have you developed a Business Coaching Membership Program?
Since writing The Five Little RTO Pigs book, I kept getting asked by RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers to provide some help to run the business, BUT within a budget because not everyone can afford to work with me one on one.

So my Coach In The Corner Membership Program was born. It provides people with a simple way to get help embracing their business role, managing their time, managing their staff, documenting their systems and growing their business.

Everything in this membership program is focused on helping RTOs manage all aspects of the business so they go from STUCK to SOLUTIONS.... SIMPLY because I'm all about the HOW!

If you ask me something about my 5 pillars of business fundamentals which are critical to the success of your RTO (Role, Time, Business, People and Systems) and I don't know how to solve it, I will find out - that's my promise to every member.

Why? Because I want every RTO to be a simple, profitable business which everyone loves. And yes that is possible but if you no longer believe that, then this is NOT the membership for you!

Being a Coach In The Corner Member is all about sharing positivity, ideas, inspiration and realistic solutions.

Will compliance issues be covered in the Monthly Member Webinars?
The Coach In Your Corner Membership Program is focused solely on addressing all the other challenges and problems which need to be solved when running an RTO including HR, sales, marketing, time management and business strategy.

However, one of the challenges in running an RTO is to integrate compliance into your business operations so 'compliance' is often discussed by default.

BUT I am no longer a Compliance Consultant so if you're just looking for compliance specific help, then this membership is not for you as there are plenty of other organisations and consultants providing support and professional development to help you meet your compliance obligations.

Is it an individual or corporate annual membership?
It is an individual annual membership investment.

All pricing and access to resources and my coaching advice is for individuals so if you have 2 people in your RTO who need my help, then 2 memberships would need to be purchased.
What if I can't attend the Monthly 'Ask Me Anything' Member webinars live?
All members can access the recordings of the webinars by logging into the Members Portal.

You can post in the Members Forum and email me anytime with your questions, documents you'd like me to review etc, and I will answer them on the next Members' Webinar.

So either way, your questions will be answered.

What happens if I already have your book?
Firstly, thank you for supporting me as an Author and helping to find a cure for dementia.

It's your choice if you'd like another copy.

You could give it to someone in your team as part of their professional development or just have another copy at your RTO for everyone to access.

OR you can choose one of my recorded webinars and I'll give you access to that product instead.

Just let me know when I contact you and welcome you to Coach In Your Corner.

How many webinars, over a year, do I get access to as part of my membership?

There's heaps of opportunities to get simple strategies, coaching support and timesaving templates to help you and your RTO

12 x Ask Me Anything Webinars held every month


Any bonus webinars I upload to the Member Resources

Want to know the 5 Strategies Essential to
Growing Your RTO Business?
Request a copy of the RTO $uccess Blueprint today and discover the
5 proven strategies that will put you back in CONTROL.
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