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Tips for building your RTO Dream Team
This week's #RTO #blog takes inspiration from one of my favourite books: One Step Ahead: On the Field and In the Boardroom.

This is not the usual business book. It's actually the business and sporting insights from Rod Macqueen, ex Wallabies Rugby Union Coach.

I've had this book for over 20 years and it's always the one I come back to for inspiration and the simple yet ingenious ideas which I can implement into my business and my clients.

Even if you don't like sport and/or rugby union, I would highly recommend reading this book because the lessons for business and personal growth are phenomenal.

Rod Macqueen
It was a matter of people for positions, not positions for people.

To turn the Vision (World Cup Victory) into Reality (The Cup), Macqueen knew he needed the right players so he and his assistant coaches used two criteria to achieve this united purpose:

1. Pick players who were in form AND
2. Players ideal for each position

So do you have staff who are in form (performing their roles well and following your systems) or are there some behaviour which needs to be addressed?

And do you have staff in their ideal positions so they are performing in their sweet spot at least 80% of the time?

FOCUS:  Manage Your PEOPLE
Rod Macqueen
People for positions is a great example for both business and sport of selecting someone for the position involved.

If we had put Larkham in place and he didn't have the skills we required, it would have affected everyone around him, just as it does in a business.

As it turned out, Larkham (by changing him to flyhalf in the Wallabies from his regular position of fullback in the Brumbies) did have the right skills and the whole team benefited from that.

When you're clear on the Vision; and what knowledge, skills and abilities you need to achieve it, then recruiting the WHO for your RTO team becomes easier.

But unfortunately, too often, RTOs recruit for a warm body to fill a spot (and generally it's a trainer to fill a need – got TAE, got industry qual, great then you're in), rather than actually stopping and spending the time to truly determine the person you need for each position.

And once you've worked this out, then it's also critical to determine what that competent person actually looks like, sounds like etc to ensure they also fit into the team culture at your RTO.

Because culture match is just as important as skills match – just ask anyone who's had to let someone go because they caused problems with the rest of the team, with students, with clients and with Management.

And when I ask Management why they didn't see this at the recruitment or induction stage, the honest answer is 'because we didn't value the recruitment, induction and probation phase of employment'.

Which means they didn't put enough time and energy into it upfront and paid for it later.

Recruitment, induction and the probation period is the opportunity for you to check out your new star recruit, as well as them checking you out, to make sure it's a right fit.

But you can't make an informed judgment about this if you don't test people and check in at regular intervals to ensure all is OK.

It always astounds me when RTO Leaders tell me that as part of the recruitment process; they didn't have a trainer deliver a presentation to them or test a potential administration person's skills in data entry and using the LMS/SMS their resume stated they were highly skilled in using.

And they wonder why there are problems down the track!

What's Next?
So when did you last review your RTO team to ensure you have the recruited the right people for the positions you actually need, rather than either creating positions for people because that seemed like the quickest and easiest solution OR simply filling a spot with a warm body and HOPING it all works out.

And here's my final thought:

Selecting the right team players in the first place is critical so click here to get the process Macqueen's management team used to minimise selection mistakes.

I wonder if you need to embrace some new selection strategies?

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