Are You Preparing For Another Lockdown?

Why analysis is critical for your RTO's long term success
Whilst we are hoping and praying Australia does not go back into extensive lockdown, unfortunately there is a strong possibility based on NSW, WA, NT and Queensland being in the midst of snap lockdowns.

Rather than an 'I'll deal with it IF and WHEN it happens' mindset and approach, I believe it's critical to review what happened in your RTO during 1 or more Lockdowns so if the worst happens again, everyone is much better prepared for the change and upheaval this would bring.
FOCUS:  Manage Your People
If you haven't done so, I would highly recommend undertaking a detailed process with your team about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Lockdowns; so if another one occurs, the disruption and change can be as positive and as minimal as possible.

So what does this reflection look like?

Here's the first 3 questions I would ask.
1. What did we do well?
2. What didn't we do well?
3. What can be improved for next time?

I would be gathering specific information on
• Initial advice to students and then updates
• Transition from workplace to working from home
• Access and back up files
• Regularity of communication including Zoom meetings
• Level of support and understanding of what everyone was dealing with – at work and at home
• Productivity expectations – was it realistic?
• Cleaning processes – then and now
• Job security
• Manners, tolerance and attitude
• Mental health and well being
• Parked tasks

It's important to make sure you gain this information from all stakeholders in your RTO business including
• Staff
• Contractors
• Students
• Clients (ie organisations)
• Suppliers
• Stakeholders eg IT, LMS/SMS, families

We know everyone is still working through a rapid amount of change in our personal and professional lives which is pushing simultaneously the boundaries of resistance, positivity, overwhelm, resilience, fear and uncertainty.

And when this is happening, what becomes your saviour and one piece of concreteness are your SYSTEMS.

They are your guiding light which people fall back on when uncertainty and chaos reign.

Why? Because they provide the clarity and structure about what to do next; especially in times when the way forward is unclear and unknown such as what we are currently facing.

What's Next?
So if you haven't already, how and when will you undertake this this reflective and analytical process?

I'm hoping the answer will be "we will start Monday", and not "when we can" which is a poor response.

In 2020, most of us didn't have time to plan what we would do if we went into lockdown.
Now there's no excuse and I'm sure there will be things you could do differently which would provide better outcomes for your team, your students and your business.

And by having those discussions now when emotions are not running as high as they were in 2020, you will gain more specific and constructive feedback to then develop simpler solutions.

And here's my final thought:

Organise around business functions, not people.
Build systems within each business function.
Let systems run the business and people run the systems.
People come and go but the systems remain constant.

Michael Gerber

Systems are the foundations of any successful RTO business. They not only give people the 'HOW' to do things, but they provide clarity which enables informed and proactive decision making, rather than constantly reacting to everything and everyone.

So will you continue being part of the Band-Aid Gang or become a true Business Leader instead?

The choice is yours.

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Author: Tamara Simon
Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach.

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