Do You Really Want Help?

Why doing everything is working against you
How many times do you hear people (or yourself) say, 'I wish someone would help me' or 'I wish I didn't have to keep doing this'.

And yet, when there's an offer to help, here's the 3 common answers which follow the 'Thanks but...'

• It's OK, I don't mind doing it

• It's OK but it's easier and quicker if I do it myself

• I don't have the money right now

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I want to put aside the money situation because that's often a real and legitimate answer which many people, until they are shown a different way, find it difficult to see the benefit of investing in short term help for a long term gain.

But let's look at the other two responses and imagine it's you saying them.

Why are you saying it's OK when really it isn't? And if you don't mind doing it or it's quicker and easier to do it yourself, then why are you complaining about it?

To me, these responses are all about control and not wanting to let go as well as a lack of systems because all the knowledge about what and how to do things is still in your head.

And if it's all in your head, then of course, no one can do it as quickly or as easily as you because if nothing's written down; then no one can be trained, no one has something to follow when you're not there, and no one can improve it.

I see these scenarios in many RTOs and also in the volunteer organisations I'm involved with so let's look at the impact of complaining about everything you have to do but not letting anyone else into the sacred circle.

Result #1     Why Bother
People stop offering to help because they realise after the second, third or maybe fourth time that the answer will always be No so it's a waste of their time to keep beating on a door which will never open.

Word will get around and you'll risk becoming an RTO employer which people avoid.

Result #2    Cry Wolf
Because you've knocked back help so many times, when you actually do need it due to illness, personal or financial circumstances; there'll be no one coming to your aid because you've burnt those bridges in the past.

Result #3    It's Always Them
When people see the same people doing the same roles for an extensive period of time, they know they have no chance of being involved until the person eventually hands over the baton, either by choice (rarely) or death.

This is also true in my church where I see the same people doing particular roles on special ceremony days eg Easter and no else is allowed to do them. Yet these people, who are getting on in years, some with difficulty in walking or carrying heavy items, persist in wanting to be on show rather than letting someone else have a go.

Is it any wonder our rates for volunteers willing to help out is at an all time low?

Result #4   I Don't Know What To Do
Unless processes and knowledge are written down, it will probably always be quicker and easier for you to do things yourself.

But this means you will never grow your RTO to the level you desire; and the people around you will more than likely leave rather than stay in an environment which doesn't allow them to improve their knowledge and skills.

Result #5    On Your Bottom Line
Even though I have parked the financial numbers, I'm sure you also know the impact saying No is having on your productivity and profitability. There's no point paying for staff if you don't give them the tools they need to do their jobs properly which includes letting go.

What's Next?
People like to be involved, they like to help, they like to learn new things.

But if you continue to keep everything close to your chest and never pass on the wisdom, or never come to the realisation that every successful person, business and organisation achieves success and longevity by engaging the help they need from others; I'm sorry but here's the reality.

There is no excuse to complain about how tired you are, how much money you don't have or how much time you don't have.

Why? Because you have brought this situation onto yourself.

And here's my final thought:

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'what's in it for me?' Brian Tracy

So it's your choice.

Either change your ways and start building a successful RTO team (and by default, an awesome business); or keep wondering why you have disinterested staff who keep making mistakes, or worst of all, continue to lose great staff.

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Author: Tamara Simon
Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach.

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