Beware Of The Need For Speed

Top Gun is one of my favourite movies and as I jagged it on Foxtel the other day, I thought it was timely to bring back and update my previous Top Gun blogs.

Goose The defence department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.

Now I'm certainly not implying you are stupid like Maverick and Goose were when they got killed by Jester.

Far from it.

But why did Jester get them?

Because Maverick wanted the big prize (Viper) and thought he knew better instead of following the agreed systems of not leaving his wingman.
FOCUS:Top Gun Insights for RTOs
How many times have you strayed from the agreed path or course of action because you either 'knew better', just wanted to or got sold on the idea that the 'shiny object' was the next big thing?

We have agreed processes and strategies for a reason. Sure, they need to be flexible enough to adapt to a changing environment and I have no doubt they're currently being tested more than ever before.

But when things have gone wrong in your RTO, either now or in the past, has your default position been to blame everyone and everything else OR is it to self-reflect to work out if your actions or decision making process have contributed to the end result?

Accountability and Responsibility are two of the Leadership components in my 5 step process to get CLEAR on your Business, People and Systems so are you DAREing to LEAD each and every day?

None of us want to feel stupid and sometimes we don't know what we don't know which means we need help to uncover the possibilities.

So how are you gaining the advice and support you need (and in turn providing that to your team) so you can build, manage and grow your RTO business?

My fear is many RTOs will re-open with a very similar business model to what they had pre-COVID, and on closer inspection, this was actually a broken business model.

And here's what I mean by a broken business model:

• Staff feeling tired, frustrated and overwhelmed
• No clear business strategy as you try to be everything to everyone
• Deadlines which can never be met, based on the capacity and capability of staff
• Spending your days reacting to everything, firefighting and band-aiding problems rather than digging deep to truly solve them, once and for all
• Everyone disenchanted and falling out of love with working in 'RTO Land'.
What's Next?
Here's an opportunity to review my previous Top Gun blogs and take the time to either action my suggestions, or refine them so you can adopt them and make them work in your RTO business.

As I've re-read these blogs, their messaging is surprisingly significant for the times we're facing right now. They can help you work through the challenges you're facing as you determine how you will re-open for business.

Focus: Grow Your Business
Focus: Manage Your People
Focus: Build Your Systems

Have you spent your time in isolation examining the

• financial numbers of the business?
• price you and your team have previously paid created by 'business as usual' including stress, overwhelm and frustration?
• capacity and capability to deliver your current and future products and services?

And I hope you're also using this time to review each training program to determine whether it should remain on scope. Because if there is little or no demand, or it's throwing money into a blackhole, why will you continue running it?

As much as you may want to continuously 'feel the need for speed' especially as you are gearing up to re-open post COVID, the more you can take the time to STOP and reflect on what's actually happening in your RTO, the greater the chance you will stop reacting to everyone and everything.

Instead, it's critical to START and then KEEP making more proactive decisions which will help you build a simple, profitable and compliant RTO business you actually love.

It's now your choice to open a business model which will ultimately increase the profitability, productivity and performance of your RTO. And if you're not sure how to do this, I'd love to help you discover a viable strategy.

And here's my final tip:

Maverick She's lost that lovely feeling.
Goose No she hasn't! Oh I hate it when she does that.

All of us hate it when we (or our team) dread coming to work because we've lost that loving feeling.

I don't want anyone working in a Rundown RTO business or working for a Rundown RTO Manager because losing that loving feeling can be contagious really quickly.

So how will you bring clarity, accountability and fun (and yes Fun is possible) back into your RTO so everyone not only knows what they have to do in their role, but loves coming to work?

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Author: Tamara Simon
Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach.

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