I Can't Find Any More Time In The Day

Why trying to find time is the wrong strategy
For most people running an RTO, the thought of getting back an hour a day seems unattainable.

And that's because most people think they have to FIND time, like it's some 'thing' which is lost.

But time isn't lost because we don't find time, we create it. And we do that by looking at how we spend our day and start to make different choices.

Because we all have the same amount of time – 24 hours in a day. But what changes between every single person is how we spend that precious commodity.

And I know you're probably thinking, I don't know how to create time or even how to stop to consider the possibilities.

But it really is easier to achieve than you think.

However, like any ideas or examples you read or hear about, it's all about applying them consistently each and every day so the strategies and techniques move from occasional tasks to the ingrained habits you do automatically.
FOCUS:  Create Your TIME
With that in mind, what is an hour really?

It is 60 minutes which could be chunked into:
• 1 x 60 minutes
• 2 x 30 minutes
• 3 x 20 minutes
• 4 x 15 minutes
• 5 x 12 minutes
• 6 x 10 minutes

But first, you have to do things smarter so the hour comes more easily, regardless of which chunking down combination you apply.

And why is that important?

Because TIME = MONEY.

Imagine if you could 'get back' or 'create' an hour a day by doing things differently.

What would that look like?        What would that feel like?

Using an example of an hourly charge out rate of $100 (the value placed on your knowledge and skill), saving an hour means your earnings would look like this.

... per hour $100
... per day $800
... per week $4000
... per month $16 000
... per year $192 000

Initially, you may not see this figure (savings) on your profit and loss statement or in your bank account; but if you work smarter, not harder, you would eventually see this figure in your bank account.

How? Because of the many ways you could use this Power Hour you have created to:

• Gain new clients/students
• Develop new products and services
• Review and update training and assessment material (maybe even cluster units)
• Catch up on the never ending task list
• Develop a profitable partnership/alliance
• Submit a winning tender
• Or take the much needed holiday (oh my goodness) so you don't suffer from mental overwhelm and be forced to take time off.

This is the power of an hour and why it's so important to develop habits slowly, enabling you to become more proactive than reactive in managing your RTO.

And remember, it's doesn't have to be about creating one hour in a chunk, though, if you can, that's great. It's about creating one Power Hour over the working day. I know for myself as a Speaker, Author and Coach, creating an hour in one block of time can be sometimes quite difficult.

But everyone can create 15 minute chunks; and if you can't, then there are greater issues in your RTO which need to be dealt with immediately (and I'd love to help you solve that problem😊).

If you're struggling with focus, maybe you could also consider adopting the Pomodoro Technique originally created by Francesco Cirillo and used by many people to increase their productivity and work more effectively.

Pomodoro Technique

This technique enables you to work in short, sharp bursts during your day, as well as taking regular breaks.

Short intervals
• 25 minutes on with five minutes off
• every four to five Pomodoros, you take an extended break.

During each Pomodoro, you close down all distractions including phone and email so you can focus solely on the task at hand. Pomodoro tasks could be reviewing your financial numbers, writing an article or blog, developing a new product or service, simplifying your enrolment process or completing a 'procrastination' task.

The five minute break is to create time and space from both the task and your computer so get up, stretch, make a drink... anything which keeps you relaxed but keeps the blood flowing.

After this 5 minute break, you're ready to focus on yet another 25 minute burst.

So I'm wondering, do you already use the Pomodoro technique in your work day?

If not, is this something you will now build into your workday?

And is it something your staff could also embrace?

Imagine what you could complete if you only do 2 Pomodoros a day?

Imagine if you did four, six or more?
What's Next?
Now I know when you're in the midst of juggling everything, it can be really hard to even see HOW to create this Power Hour, even though you know only you can create your own time.

So join me on my next #skilledseducation and @vetr #RTO #webinar on Thursday 8 October where I'm going to share with you many simple ideas so you can refocus your time including:
• How Time does actually equal money... in so many ways
• Why it takes longer than 28 days to build a new habit or ritual
• 9 tips to get back an hour a day

Book in now and I'll see you on the webinar.

And here's my final thought:

What strategies will you embrace to create your Power Hour?

How will you chunk down your day so you are always spending at least an hour a day, not only more productively, but working on your RTO business, not just in it?

By embracing the power of an hour, you will continue to build a simple, profitable RTO you and your team actually love to be part of .... one brick (aka a 15 minute chunk) at a time.

If you want to take your RTO from Overwhelmed to Optimised, then why not join me inside Coach In Your Corner – the only membership program designed specifically for anyone running (or aspiring to run) an RTO.

Dedicated to making your RTO life easier

Author: Tamara Simon

Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach who's driven to making your RTO life easier.

For over twenty years, she's been helping timepoor RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers get out of OVERWHELM so they can

- Get back in control and on track

- Grow their business... simply

- Reignite their passion for training

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