Let's Say Well Done and Congratulations

You deserve a break
Silly or weird as it sounds, we are about to take some well earned time off for Easter but for the first time, it will probably be an Easter like never before.

Gone are the trips to the beach, relaxing by the pool in your holiday apartment, getting together for a BBQ or even camping. And for the religious amongst us like me, I'll be celebrating this sacred time by watching Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday masses on my IPAD. Surreal.

And yet, as much as it will be very different, I truly hope everyone takes the time to stop and take stock. Take the time to truly realise how much our lives have changed over the last month and for the immediate future; and yet we are still here and OK.
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As I said on Tuesday's RTO Conversations Webinar, most people don't cope well with change and yet, look at how much we've all had to manage in only the last four weeks:

• Change to ourselves – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mindset as we come to terms with what this new world means for us.

• Change to our family and friends – working out who we can and can't see, coping with the idea of social distance and all it means including no hugs or kisses, and looking at alternative ways to keep in touch in check in.

• Change with our businesses – determining whether we can remain open or not, adjusting to new restrictions, moving staff out of the office and into working from home, moving students from face to face to virtual delivery of training and assessment.

• Change with our jobs – learning whether we or our family members still have one or not; and if we or they do, how does that work?

• Change in our activities – being told we can now no longer do many of the things we love the most – sport, parties, gatherings, going to the gym, being pampered with a massage or a manicure.

• Change in our world – being told where we can and can't go, what we can and can't do; and that the best thing we can do is stay in our house and not be with our friends and family which seems very counter-intuitive.

For most people and businesses, the changes I've outlined above would be probably be undertaken over at least a year, and yet, we've all had to manage every one of these changes in less than a month.

I believe this needs to be acknowledged and commended. The decisions which have been made in these crazy times had to be quick, constant, courageous and comforting; and so the adaptability of everyone should be congratulated and not taken lightly.

What's Next?
Because we've had to embrace so much change so quickly, we MUST take the time to reflect and determine the good, bad and ugly of what's happened. Process it, let it sit with us so we can determine what our next steps will be after Easter.

How we decide to lead and manage not only our businesses and our team, but ourselves, will be critical to determine if we come out of this surviving or thriving.

Remember: it's a marathon not a sprint so we need to keep in mind the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'It's not the destination, it's the journey'. So let's celebrate the little wins and the good things along this journey.

And here's my final thought:

We know connection and community are critical so I wanted to leave you with a funny and wonderful story.

In my parent's retirement complex, a Biscuit Fairy has appeared, leaving notes and a few biscuits at the door of those residents who live on their own. It has caused much delight and chatter amongst the building as to who it is and how lovely it is; to the point where thank you notes are now being exchanged between residents and the Biscuit Fairy on the common noticeboard.

So please remember it's always the little things which cause us both frustration and delight – which one will you choose?

I'd love to hear your strategies which are helping you and your team maintaining momentum during this time.

If anyone wants to reach out to me and have a chat about what they should do next, please send me an email or give me a call.

Stay safe and keep your chin up
Dedicated to your success

Author: Tamara Simon

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