Three Magical Words

How embracing key phrases can transform you, your team and your RTO
Did you know there are a number of 3 little word phrases which are magical because if used more often, could transform you, your team and your RTO?

Let me share with you some of my favourites and why so you can decide how relevant and powerful they are for your business.
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Some of these are probably really obvious and I'm sure you've heard them before.

But the question to ask yourself is:
How often are you using them as part of your own self talk, or when you speak to your staff or students/clients; and when you do, are they working for you or against you?

Because little catch phrases are great.

They can be motivating, keep us on track and help us when times are tough.

But sometimes, when they're heard or seen in a different context or light; they can turn from being the magic which transform us to the negativity and stress which debilitates us.

Here's the most common 'motivational' ones I see in workplaces, above desks and in the kitchens of my clients, prospects and colleagues:

• Never give up
• Believe in yourself
• Learn from yesterday
• Get over it
• Let it go
• Try something new

All great phrases but unless there's action and substance behind them, they often become glib and lose their true effect.

Because if you're not clear on your business and personal direction, if life is pretty tough as you wonder where the next student will come from, or even knowing what is the next best step; then all of these phrases can often be met with a 'give me a break' response and attitude.

When you are in that space (and I've been there), it can be so hard to see anything, can't it; let alone any clarity, because their intent seems impossible to practise or achieve.

At times like this, I usually give my clients one phrase to help them connect with themselves, their business and their direction; and as I've sometimes been called 'the CSI for RTOs', that phrase is

Who Are You?

When all seems lost, if we are able to connect back to ourselves and our business, we can look at the reality we have created to determine if the dream is still there; or it is a nightmare which needs to be changed to survive?

And that's where my next set of magic words come into their element, not only for the RTO Owner/CEO/Manager, but their team and their students as well.

3 Words To Transform Your RTO

• I don't know
• It's my fault
• I am sorry
• Please help me
• Let me help
• Why is that?

Why are these phrases my favourites?

Because they are the ones which show our vulnerability and connect the most with people because, depending on the context; they will demonstrate accountability, responsibility, curiosity and a willingness to change and help.

What's Next?
As a problem solver, I am often asking Why is that? so I can truly understand the root cause of my client's problems and how they got there.

But I believe the most powerful phrase for any RTO Owner, CEO or Manager is Please help me.

Because it takes such courage to admit we need help, that we haven't got all the answers, or even got it all together. And you know what, that's OK – because everyone – personally and professionally – needs help to truly be the best they can be.

Remember: No business, team or person is successful on their own – we all need someone to help us succeed and achieve our true potential.

And here's my final thought:

Finally, as I believe there's a system in everything, you just have to find it, then consider the following 3 Magic Words phrases to crystallize and help RTOs (and their people) get back on track.

• Systems equal change
• Change is good
• Chunk it down
• Every little step
• Go for it

By understanding that simple systems (and thus change) bring clarity, stability, productivity, profitability, growth, accountability, responsibility and teamwork to any business; you will not only transform your RTO, but your team as well (which of course includes you).

So I wonder how many of these 3 little magic words are you feeling comfortable expressing on a daily basis – to yourself, your team, your students, your clients and your alliances?

Dedicated to your RTO success


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