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I'd love to help you stop feeling OVERWHELMED

If you'd like help from someone who gets the challenges of working in RTO Land, then please complete your details below so we can determine the best business coaching package for you.

In every session, you'll get SUPPORT, STRATEGIES, SYSTEMS
Which Business Coaching Package would be best for you and your RTO?

All done on Zoom so no travel for you and your team.

90 minute session OR
we spend a DAY together
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Imagine if I could fix or help you
with one thing so you stop struggling and instead start feeling back in control,
what would it be?

Let's look at what's working and what's not
to help you get CLEAR about

* What's really WRONG (and fixing it)
* What's POSSIBLE (by finding more $$$)
* What's NEXT (and HOW to do it)

Copy of audio recording provided

Get the STRATEGY, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS you need from someone who understands
the challenges and frustrations
of running an RTO.

90 minute sessions
Monthly or Quarterly
via Zoom so no travel
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Let me help you....
Provide a BOOST
BRAINSTORM Problems and Opportunities
Copy of audio recording provided

Get the STRATEGY, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS you need from someone who understands
the challenges and frustrations
of running an RTO.


4 X 90 minute sessions (weekly)
via Zoom so no travel

Start rebuilding your RTO by solving one problem or developing one opportunity each month
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Let me help you and your team focus
on these 5 key business areas
*  Embrace Your ROLE
*  Focus Your TIME
*  Build Your SYSTEMS
*  Manage Your TEAM
*  Grow Your BUSINESS
Week 1: REVIEW
Week 3: AMEND
Copy of audio recording provided

Get the STRATEGY, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS you need from someone who understands
the challenges and frustrations
of running an RTO.


Taking you from STUCK to SOLUTIONS... SIMPLY
because I'm all about the HOW!

To find out more about my Coaching Packages and how I can help you and your RTO,
please complete your details below.
What my clients say....
(previous owner of LTSA RTO)

I would recommend Tamara to help any RTO who needs a problem solved or has issues with streamlining all aspects of the business.
In less than 2 hours, Tamara simplified our 26 step enrolment process to 8 steps. 

This saved over 3 hours of admin time per student.

Our 1 Day Deep Dive session with Tamara was instrumental in providing us with clarity about where to focus our time and energy moving forward.
We continue to gain momentum through our regular coaching sessions which enable us to bounce ideas off a genuine RTO Business Specialist and gives us the confidence and clarity to pursue our strategic direction.
(previously TransTrain)

Thank you for our strategy session.
It is still making a difference to how I structure work and separate out jobs. 

I immediately implemented one of the points we agreed on (associated with delegation), and that has been a relief and freed me up to getting on top of other areas.
Frequently Asked Questions about Business Coaching
Why do I need an RTO Business Coach?
Just as sporting teams need a coach to help them succeed, so does every business (which also means every RTO). Ask any successful business owner, and they'll tell you they and their business gained momentum as soon as they got a coach.

Anyone running a business, including me, knows they are often too close to see what's really going on or the hidden opportunities which could mean your RTO could be losing money or not capturing every dollar out there.

A coach also provides an unbiased, external perspective (with sometimes a bit of tough love) to help you determine what's working, what's wrong, what's possible and what's next.

For most people running RTOs, they are so busy looking after their staff and being the coach to them, that they've forgotten to look after themselves.  So who do you turn to when you need help and support?

For 6 years, I coached junior netball and was in the Grand Final every year including back to back Premierships.  
As the coach, I believed it was my job to
* develop the Team and Game Day Plan (Strategy)
* help my players learn and apply the netball fundamentals (Solutions)
* provide them with positive encouragement and constructive but measured feedback to improve their game (Support)

And just like coaching my netball team, my RTO Coaching Services are all about STRATEGY, FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY (and a bit of tough love when needed); so problems can be solved..simply.

I don't need someone to keep me on track so why do I need an RTO Business Coach?
I have many clients who are very driven and focused so they don't need help to meet their targets or manage their day.
But what they are missing is someone who gets the challenges of working in RTO Land.

So they need a sounding board to...

* bounce ideas off to get confirmation it's financially viable and/or the right option

* vent about someone or something and know that's OK to do that

* run their eyes over a new or revised system to ensure it's easy to understand and simple to implement

* gain an independent perspective about what to do next

Do you have a Business Coach?
Yes because of the reasons I've outlined above.

He helps me in so many ways including

* seeing what's important and what's not

* working out why I'm procrastinating over things

* how to simplify my concepts and systems

* showing me opportunities I hadn't even considered.

He does for me what I do for my clients which is great.

How are you different to other Business Coaches?
Firstly, I have over 24 years experience in the VET sector, having been on all sides of the fence - auditing RTOs, running RTOs and now coaching RTOs so I get what it means to work in RTO Land... with all its changes, challenges, frustrations and opportunities.

So when we talk about managing staff, managing compliance, frustrations with students, financial viability etc; I get it immediately.. you don't have to explain it which is great.

But because of my business management experience, and the professional development I have undertaken over the years, I also come with this immense Toolbox of Experience which I can drawn upon to help you and your RTO business grow.

But most importantly, I'm all about the HOW so you don't just get ideas of WHAT you might do, I then help you to specifically work out the SIMPLE steps needed to achieve the Strategy (the HOW!).

And that's why I'm different to most Business Coaches.

Want to know the 5 Strategies Essential to
Growing Your RTO Business?
Request a copy of the RTO $uccess Blueprint today and discover the
5 proven strategies that will put you back in BACK in CONTROL.
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