Right versus Mistake: What's Your Score?

What's Your Score?
Inspired by bingeing on one of my favourite shows, The Newsroom, on the weekend; I thought it was timely to revisit one my of Newsroom blogs.

P.S If you love The West Wing TV Show, then please add this to your 'Must Watch' List as it's by the same writer and has a similar fast paced script with a formidable cast.

Will McAvoy Except for the things we did wrong, we did everything right.

This is a great quote which touches on a few themes: attitude to mistakes, ROI, accountability and responsibility.

So I'm wondering what would be your focus: what we did wrong, or what we did right?

The difference demonstrates our mindset but both lead to a cautionary tale which needs to be acknowledged. If we focus only on the things we do wrong, then we miss the wins along the way (and there's always some), and this can keep us in a negative mindset and attitude which isn't good for anyone.

But if we focus only on what we did right, without reflecting on the learnings which come from examining what we did wrong, we run our businesses with rose-coloured glasses instead of the truth and facts. And that's also thwart with danger.

Something for you to ponder on....
FOCUS:  Build Your Systems
When I work with clients, I'm always reminding them of Pareto's Principle or the 80/20 Rule which can be applied in so many ways:

• 80% effort for 20% income/reward
• Works 80% of the time
• 80% completed then launch and test whether something works
• 80% students complete so focus time and effort on the 20% who don't

When the 80% component is in the positive, then that's great and you should not get as uptight or frustrated with the remaining 20%.

But when it's in reverse, like in the first dot point, then you have a huge problem to solve.

So when mistakes happen, and they do because we're human; do you look deeper to find out why?

Because unless you know the why, you'll continue to be part of the Band-Aid Gang rather than a proactive leader and manager who is determined to solve problems once and for all. And unfortunately, too many people working in RTO Land are members of this Gang.

So here's my one word solution to any problem: SYSTEMS.

Because I believe, there's a system in everything, you just have to find it. And then you can SIMPLIFY it.

Now I know systems aren't sexy or exciting. For most people they dislike creating them because they find it boring.

And you'll probably tell me you don't have time to do them. To which my response is always this:

What's it costing you now NOT to do them?

Because whether you believe it or not, there's always a price to pay for not documenting the knowledge in people's heads; be it in time, money, frustration, productivity etc.

So the quicker you can embrace this and understand the value of investing time and money into developing simple systems, the quicker your RTO business will improve across the 3Ps of
1. Productivity
2. Profitability
3. Performance

If you're doing the latter, not only are you missing out on a potential opportunity; but you are actually disrespecting those you are asking to complete it because you know (and they know) you might as well be throwing the results in the bin.
What's Next?
Will McAvoy Why does a politician take polls?
Sloan Sabbith To find out what people want him to say the next day.

We can gain so much knowledge and insight from simply asking great questions of our clients, our students, and our staff.

And yet, we often either ignore the great ideas which are right in front of us. Or we simply get feedback because 'we have to' which results in putting no time and effort into a tool which is could be useful for both the RTO and the person completing it (be it student or staff).

So are you asking the right questions in your feedback tools which actually serve a purpose for everyone involved (whilst also meeting audit requirements); or are you just asking the easy (and compliant) questions so the task gets done?

When did you last really look at your feedback systems, both internal and external, to see:

- If they are still relevant?
- If they work?
- If they do work, is it in the way they're supposed to?
- If they are being completed at all? And if not, why not?
- When the results were last reviewed?
- What actions have you taken?

And here's my final tip:

Please don't have a consultation process which reflects the image of the 3 monkeys (see, speak and hear no evil). And we've all been in 'those' meetings and regretted it later.

Instead, consider all feedback as an opportunity to simplify your systems, and thus improve the 3Ps in your RTO business; rather than just something else which gets added to your To Do List.

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