It's Time To Start Rebuilding Your RTO

Start with these 7 bricks
One of the many positives I'm seeing and hearing is how businesses are connecting and communicating more with their employees which I think is fantastic. Logic says this is because they have to as many of their employees are now working from home.

But my question is: Surely this should have been happening anyway? Why is it that it takes a 'new environment' and disruption to make us change our behaviour for the better?

I'm hearing wonderful stories of more staff involvement in decision making, more transparent decisions, more clarity about what needs to be done and by whom which is fantastic.

So in the midst of this temporary closure, how are you approaching it?
FOCUS:  Focus Your TIME
Are you using it as an amazing opportunity to relook at everything in your RTO and see how you can rebuild it for the better; or will you continue to triage and firefight every single day until Australia re-opens for business, and then just go back to business as usual?

Now I know you're been triaging and firefighting for the past three weeks and rightly so, but as we hopefully start to see the dust settle, everyone including myself, has a wonderful opportunity to rebuild our businesses.

We all say these wishful thinking phrases but are often too busy or overwhelmed or frustrated to actually change what's happening
... until now.

Phrases like 'I wish....
• I had more time
• I could focus more
• My cashflow was better
• My staff knew what they had to do
• I didn't have to keep telling staff what to do
• I didn't have to keep fixing mistakes
• I could get more done in a day
• I knew what to do next
• I could catch up on things

All of these wishful thinking thoughts can now be solved, at least in some small way, in this new environment; but only if we choose to do three simple things:

1. STOP... to see what's working, what's not working, what's possible and what's next

2. DECIDE... to change things

3. COMMIT.... to taking action

What if you could start again and rebuild your RTO from the ground up, or as I say, build your brick foundations?

What would you stop doing, what would you start doing and what would you keep doing?

Now is the window of opportunity to rethink everything so I hope every RTO CEO/Manager/Owner takes this time to rebuild their RTO business so it is simple, profitable and one everyone loves. And before you jump on me, I know the profitability is very unknown for many of you at the moment; but we have to make sure that is our intention from the start when we build a business. If prior to 1 March 2020, you were running an expensive hobby instead of a profitable business, then isn't this the time to change that?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'The successful person is merely the average person focused',.

As it takes a lot of bricks to build a simple profitable RTO business, I want to break down the bricklaying process into little chunks so you gain some momentum as you continue to troubleshoot and support your family and your team.

This Week's Focus: Start With These 7 Bricks

1. Start Your Day
2. Managing Email
3. Financial Numbers
4. Running Meetings
5. Documenting Systems
6. Managing Interruptions
7. End Your Day

Focus on one brick a day and by examining what's working and what's not, you can then develop a new or revised strategy. Your next two steps (which are the hardest) is to decide to change, and then commit to implementing it and see how much of a difference it makes to your day. But please remember, change doesn't happen overnight but it will happen if we do the work first.

And here's a hint from me to you.

Starting your day looking at email instead of your most important priorities means EMAIL is in the driver's seat instead of YOU!
What's Next?
So what will be your choice over the next few weeks?

Will it be to STOP and take the microscope to you, your team and your RTO to discover the Good, the Bad and the Ugly; and then decide how you will rebuild your RTO brick at a time?

Or will you simply keep band-aiding things as they arise so that when you re-open, your RTO operates exactly the same as it did prior to this disruption?

I truly hope it's the former because every business should want to embrace a 'not business as usual' approach to their future.

And here's my final thought:

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste Winston Churchill

Everywhere I look these days, I'm seeing more and more quotes which just seem to be speak to this new environment (see how I've already embraced the new words).

This quote is no different so let's not waste the opportunity we've been presented. It is a time to stop and reflect, and truly decide what you, your team and your RTO will look like when you re-open for business.

This is not a time for regrets – it's a time for courage, clarity and commitment.

I'd love to hear your strategies which are helping you and your team maintaining momentum during this time.

If anyone wants to reach out to me and have a chat about what they should do next, please send me an email or give me a call.

Stay safe and keep your chin up
Dedicated to your success

Author: Tamara Simon

Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach who's driven to making your RTO life easier.

For over twenty years, she's been helping timepoor RTO Owners, CEOs and Managers get out of OVERWHELM so they can

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- Reignite their passion for training

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